Sensuality means pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. A color or taste can be sensual. But in the case of posing nude, it is associated with radiating pleasure — pleasure at showing your body to an audience.

     It is one of those thing that falls under the old adage, “If you think you can’t do it, you’re right.” If you don’t think you will look beautiful doing a pose, you’re right. If you don’t think you can look sensual, you won’t.

     A woman having fun looks beautiful – always. So have fun. Play with your nipples to make them pointy and then proudly show them to your audience. It’s fun.  Opening your legs slowly while revealing your pussy is riveting, and it’s fun. Showing them your nude body isn’t for their gratification – it is for yours. Have fun displaying it openly for everyone to see.

    What I’m going to be showing and discussing with you in later lessons are those things you can do with your body that look good. Topping it off with a bit of sensuality makes it great. It’s easy to learn, but it takes practice.

Practicing Sensuality

    Sensuousness is a feeling that can be read in a person’s body language – it makes them glow with life’s energy. Most women can feel it when they turn slowly and show their bare breasts to an audience.

     As a nude model, you need to be able to conjurer the feeling regardless of the pose and on demand. No one is that perfect, but you can be nearly perfect. So, how do you practice? You might have gotten a hint from the panel to the right. That pose is the starting position.

     This is best done with an audience because you want to project the feeling toward the camera and the other people present. Lay on your back at an incline with your legs open fully exposing your vulva.

     Start by feeling the space behind your eyes and slowly move it down to your breasts where you will begin to feel a tingling. Keep going down your belly and when it reaches your crotch, raise your pussy and tilt your pelvis up at everyone present so they have a better view. The tingling should become intense.

     Repeat and practice often until the feeling comes whenever you raise your pussy to show your audience. Just concentrate on the fact that your pussy is wonderfully bare and the feeling should come at your beckoning and settle deliciously between your legs. You may find yourself becoming horny, but that ‘s even better.

     Once you have become very familiar with what sensuous feels like, you can recall that feeling when doing other poses and make them more sensual. There are prerequisites, however. First, you must love being photographed (and seen) nude. Second, you must decide to show your body to the audience. Three, and most important, you must carry through on that desire.

     An audience can be just one person holding a camera. But the more people in the audience, the more intense the feeling.

     Start with a pose like the one on the left. Here I’m displaying my breasts and nipples and also showing my pussy. The sensation should come easily and settle in your pussy.

     For the photo on the right, I have a rule. If I’m wearing a top, then I can’t wear a bottom and vise-versa. If I have both a top and a bottom, I must expose a breast and a nipple or the bottom must have an open crotch showing my pussy – just to make sure it qualifies as a nude photo. (See below)

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