Naturism is family oriented, non-sexual nudity. Photos of naturists show nude people playing games and relaxing causally in social groups. They make no effort to hide any part of their bodies because it is not only impossible, but no one cares.

     My name is Lee and I’m the model in these lessons. I started in my bedroom — the photos on each side were taken in front of satin sheets I hung from my walls.

     The red is exciting, and the blue contrasts with my light skin making me really stand out against the background. If my skin were dark, I would stand out more against the red and might disappear in the blue.

The River Bank

     Ten months after my first pose in front of the camera (inside my home), I stood nude on the riverbank of a popular boating area modeling my home-made fur-bikini bottom. I was nervous someone would see me when two men in a speedboat raced by not twenty feet from the shore. To my surprise, their seeing me nude in public didn’t bother me. I may have liked it because, instead of running away, I removed the bikini bottom and completed the photoshoot entirely nude.

     Now I pose nude on clothing-optional beaches before the camera and large audiences. The poses show every inch of my body and I love it. It is a testament to the growth in my self-confidence and the strong body image I’ve achieved. Besides, it is just plain fun!


     Sensuality is a feeling of pleasure (usually sexual). It will put a big smile on your face and make your body glow.

     To generate sensuality, you must love the idea of displaying your nude body to an audience (even if only a single person in the beginning). Next, you must resolutely plan to do it. Finally, despite being nervous, you must boldly carry out your plan. A tingling sensation will travel from behind your eyes, across your breasts and land thrillingly at your pussy.

     You’ll want to practice this a lot 😉

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